Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scanning Fine Art

Hello, my name is Jason and I scan fine art. People often ask me about the best techniques for scanning fine art and I have compiled this handy reference for successful fine art scanning.

Dear Jason:

Q. Dear Jason, sometimes I scan fine art when I am at work, is this normal or should I see someone about it? Thanks, Chris.
A. Scanning fine art at work is completely normal Chris, I am currently scanning fine art as I write this. My favourite place to scan fine art is in public places such as movie theatres and playgrounds. Sometimes when I scan fine art I like to imagine I am on stage or speaking at a conference.

Q. Dear Jason, Sometimes I think about firemen when I am scanning fine art. Is this normal? Rob.
A. It is perfectly normal Rob, I often imagine i am a fire man or army man when I am scanning fine art. Here is a photo of me in my Peter Pan costume:

Q. Dear Jason, I have heard that scanning fine art too much can cause blindness. Is this true or did someone make that up? Cheers, Mike.
A. Hello Mike, I can honestly say there is no truth to this rumour. I regularly scan fine art thirty to forty times a day with no negative results. Once, during back to back episodes of the Gilmore Girls, I scanned fine art one hundred and twelve times with no adverse effects.

Q. Dear Jason, I am left handed and I was wondering if this will affect my ability to scan fine art effectively. Best, Steve.
A. Being left handed is an advantage Steve, I myself am right handed but use my left leaving my mouse hand free.

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